Optimization of home diagnostics

Mysurable, by implementing specific training and consulting programs, has developed innovative solutions that are able exploit the full potential of home diagnostics.

In practice, Mysurable helps to choose the necessary equipment and to provide the tools necessary for communicating with the patient and his family. A teleconsultation system is also being developed to assist health professionals at the patient's bedside.

Recent advances in technology has led to a marked decrease in the size of diagnostic devices, making it easy to transport equipment that before was impossible. A good example of this is ultrasonography equipment, but the same is true for blood gas analysers, spirometers and electrocardiographs.

As a result, numerous diagnostic services that were previously only provided by a clinic can also be provided at home. A new opportunity is therefore opening up for health care facilities: carrying out instrumental procedures at home by specially trained doctors and nurses.

This market is potentially very interesting and socially useful for patients who experience a temporary decrease in their autonomy or who are in the initial stages of disability and require frequent diagnostic services or specialist advice.

These people have difficulty following the recommended diagnostic-therapeutic programs as they often require people to accompany them, dedicated transport and easily accessible health facilities. This generates direct and indirect costs for families that may become unsustainable.

Optimization of home diagnostics